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Deposit for a commissioned painting on canvas. Two spots per month are available. Purchases may be made in advance to reserve your spot. Paintings take approximately 6 weeks to complete plus additional drying time.

I really enjoy working with clients on custom paintings - whether it's a specific landscape photograph from a special location that you'd like me to paint or a painting similar to something I've already painted but in a different size or color palette - I am always happy to take on these unique projects.

Pricing is based on size and ranges from $400 for a small painting (12" range) up to $2600 for a larger piece (36" range). I've worked on commissioned pieces as large as 84" in the past and am open to large scale paintings - just let me know what you have in mind.

Please contact me for more details on pricing and to confirm size and style.

Packaging is included and shipping costs are additional. Local delivery is free of charge.