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McKenzie M. Portland,Oregon

No home is complete without art pieces from artist Jakub!

I have lived in Oregon, Washington DC, and Florida, and I always take my pieces with me... because without them, it truly wouldn’t be home.


I have had these two pieces since 2009 and they are just as beautiful as when I got them. His work is timeless and goes perfectly in any home.

Jakub's art has brought so much vibrancy to my home. I get so many compliments on the art I bought."

John B.

Portland, Oregon

Gangter Amoeba Painting_edited_edited_edited.jpg

You need to call Jeremy and tell him to buy a bunch of your paintings and spend a shit ton of money. I'll have to come get another piece when I'm in Portland..."


Chicago, Illinois

Mirek was over last week and saw your dope painting on the wall (the entire wall)"


Chicago, Illinois

Mexico Painting (1).jpg

Eveeeettttttttt... My love son, I'm grateful for your hardworking. I will keep it for all my life. Take care, be strong and nice human for your family and friend, we are always here. Laz mom Yildiz"


Istanbul, Turkey


I love this painting."

Jeff N.

Oregon City, Oregon


Everyone comments on the painting you did in Mexico of the two bananas when they come into the kitchen, we love it!"

Melissa H.

Lake Oswego, Oregon

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