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Vistas de Oaxaca

From the summer of 2018 'till the summer of 2019, I rented a little adobe house in the small village of San Agustin, Oaxaca in southern Mexico. 

Many days I found myself just outside my driveway, standing on the tilled earth of a soon-to-be cornfield, painting the mountains.

On this particular day, fluffy, white giants dominated the landscape, challenging me to capture their dynamic dance.

Suddenly, as if by magic, my muses transformed.

What had been a peaceful scene just minutes before, became a raging tempest.

I quickly put away the painting I had been working on.

Not wanting to waste a pallet full of mixed oils,

I put up a new panel and threw the remaining paint on in a frenzy.

This time I captured the rain, as it flattened the mountains under a sheet of grey.

The rain proceeded to soak me and my paintings;

I retreated back to my rustic residence.

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