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Jakub Kukla, also known as Kuba, is an innovative Czech-American artist who defies convention and creates visually stunning works across multiple mediums. From oil and acrylic painting to marble and porcelain sculpture, his work is a masterful blend of impressionistic, abstract, and realistic styles that evoke powerful emotions and light up the imagination.

Kuba's passion for human connection and the arts led him to graduate from the Johnston Center of Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands with a BA in Human Connection: Music, Language, and the Arts. An eclectic education, based in classical technique, innovative theory, and experiential learning through travel and activism, opened his eyes to a different way of being in the world. 

Kuba's love of people, global travel, and cultural diversity is reflected in every stroke of his brush. His art is a celebration of life, beauty, and the challenges we all face, and he uses his talent to connect people across from the globe. He believes that art has the power to inspire, connect, and even transform people.

If you're interested in collaborating with Kuba or learning more about his work, don't hesitate to reach out. Kuba is a personable and approachable artist who is passionate about hearing the stories of others and sharing his own. He welcomes the opportunity to connect with collectors and fans and would love to invite you to his art studio in Portland, Oregon or visit you anywhere in the world!​

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