My goal with portrait work is not just to make an image, but to capture the essence of who I am painting. As such, I prefer to work from life and photos I have taken myself. DM me to start the discussion of how I could help you make a memory.


Painted from life in three 5 hour sessions with my younger sister. Painting from life always provides such a magical space to spend quality time. Jana Oil on wood panel 9 x 12 in 2020 Private Collection Prints available


Randy was my neighbor for one year during the Pandemic. We became great friends and went on many adventures. This painting started as an abstract painted during a musical jam session, later I added Randy after we had a bike ride/ photo shoot. Randy Acrylic on Canvas 48 x 48 in 2021 Private Collection Prints available


Painting based on a photo shoot I did of Hebert at Rooster Rock State Park in the Columbia Gorge. Hebert Oil on Canvas 36 x 48 in 2022 Message me if interested Prints available

Glass Castle

Oil on Canvas 32 x 40 in 2020 original available prints available


Oil on Wood 16x16 in 2021 Private Collection


Oil on canvas panel 8x10 in 2022 private commission

Baby Fin

Private commission Oil on canvas panel 8x10 in 2022


Study of James for private commission acrylic on panel 6x6 in 2022 in private collection

Self Portrait

Self Portrait Painted in my Adobe house during my year long artist residency in Oaxaca, Mexico. Kuba Oil on Canvas 80 x 100 cm 2019 Private Collection

Memories of St. Helens

I traded a violin for a painting of my friend's father, who had recently passed away. I was so moved by his legacy and several of his photos that I ended up painting not only a classical portrait, but this mystical and colossal work, the biggest work I had done, inspired by an old photo from his youth. During the painting process, I listened to all his favorite music. Memories of St Helens Oil on Japanese Canvas 48 x 80 in 2021 Message me If interested Prints availabe


Painted in studio during a surprise visit. Acrylic on Canvas 16x21 in 2022 available

Blue Pearl

Painted during a live 3 hour session. Customer selected 5 colors for the painting. oil on wood panel 14x16 in 2020 in private colletion


Painted during a life 2 hour session Acrylic on wood panel 14x16 in 2022 private commission

Carlos: Hijo de Esteban Urbieta

When I visited Oaxaca in spring of 2022 I met the incredible painter Esteban Urbieta and we became friends. I was fortunate enough to paint in his studio and decided to do a portrait of his son. Carlos, Hijo de Esteban Urbieta 36 x 48 in Painted in Oaxaca, MEX Private Collection